Saturday, 17 March 2012



The 2012 Formula 1 season has begun, with the practice and qualifying sessions for the Australian GP at Albert Park, Melbourne. I have followed F1 superficially since 2005, but never really been an avid follower. But this time around, I have decided to pursue it keenly. There are many reasons for it, that Indian GP last year reignited my interest in sport, Kimi Raikkonen, one of my favorites, is back and mainly because of my workplace where we cover F1 extensively (do check the website out and the guys there have been kind enough to always explain things to me. So I have decided to follow this season of Formula 1, understand the sport and try and write regularly about it. Hopefully by the time the 20 races are done till November, I will be able to call myself an F1 enthusiast.

Coming to the inaugural race of the season, the Australian GP, the qualifiers are done and the final grid has been decided for the race tomorrow. McLaren will have a 1-2 lead with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button taking pole positions. Then comes the surprise, Romain Grosjean of Lotus coming third and then comes the pleasant surprise with personal favorite Michael Schumacher coming fourth ahead of Defending Constructor Champion Red Bull’s Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel. Though the real shocker was Ferrari’s performance, with Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa starting12th and 16th respectively. I was a little upset to see Raikkonen start from the 17th place, but seeing Force India’s Niko Hulkenberg and Paul di Resta ahead of him kind of made up for it. (Can’t help but be biased to the team named after my country) Of course pole positions don’t always determine the result of the race and I’ll be hoping that some of these standings change after the race begins.

This season there are a few things I am looking forward to. Firstly, and most importantly, the comeback of the Iceman. Kimi Raikkonen has been a favorite since he drove for McLaren back in 2005. Then he moved to Ferrari and won the title in 2007 and then he retired. Now he is back in the drivers’ seat and I’m so excited to see him back in action! Secondly, I am hoping, although it is a bit futile, that my all-time favorite Michael Schumacher does better than last year. I have often heard that a driver is just as good as his car and admittedly his Mercedes isn’t the best car but I am sure that a driver of his caliber can improve his last season’s show where he finished on the 7th position. I would also like to see a more competitive fight for the Championship Title, preferably being undecided till the Brazil GP. Defending Champ Vettel may be the favorite, but you can never count out the Brits Hamilton & Button. And with six former World Champions being part of the competition, for the first time in history, I hope not to be disappointed! (Although Alonso does not quite agree) lastly, I am hoping for an improved show by Force India. It may not be among the best machines in the game, but I am little biased towards them and am hoping they can do much better than they did last time with a new driver and some fresh administration.

So here is to the start of another F1 season filled with speed, thrills, competition, controversies and fewer accidents! And here’s hoping that I can finally learn to write more about Formula 1!

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